Medical Check-up

Centre de Médecine et d'Etudes (CME)

Medical Check-up

A medical check-up or General medical examination includes a range of tests to assess the health of a person.

To set up an appointment with a doctor, please contact us by phone at 02 376 70 72.


A Medical check-up is important as it allows earlier detection of a disease. The earlier the detection, the higher the likelihood of a favorable treatment outcome.   The Medical Check-up detects any signs of disease or reassure the patient if its concerns are not founded.

Medical check-ups are also aimed at preventing diseases.  The data provide a database that will be used to provide important guidance on the practice of sports, lifestyle, sleep, risk factors , etc. ...

There are many factors, such as family or personal medical history, which may be considered for determining the frequency of the medical check-up. In practice, medical check-ups are recommended on an annual basis. There is no specific age limit.

The medical check-up consist of  a complete clinical examination associated with an electrocardiography. More investigations such a cardiological stress test, any biological assessments and or specialist advices shoud be propose if necessary. Fees amounted : 60 euros.