Medical Pedicure

Centre de Médecine et d'Etudes (CME)

Medical Pedicure


Medical Pedicure in Brussels

The Medicine and Studies Centre in Uccle proposes a new Medical Pedicure consultation.

Why consult a medical pedicure?

The medical pedicure can treat: 

  • all kind of feet infections

  • nails disorders (nail infection)

  • ingrown toenails

  • skin diseases: horn, birdeyes, hyperkeratosis

  • any other problem affecting the nail


Medical Pedicure is utmost important in infection prevention:

  • better foot hygiene

  • Advices to patiens wearing socks and shoes

  • Recommended for athletes (all kind of sports)


Medicale and new technologies

New technologies contributent to better efficiency of medical pedicure treatments. For instance, a Ross Fraser ring, BS string or a titane wire are used for a better nail treatment.

In some cases, placement of removable orthotics is recommended to treat slight deformations:

- to reduce any deformation and help to correct (corrective orthoplasties)

- to better protect the food and reduce pain in some pathologies: e.g hallux valgus (foot deformity)