Postnatal Physiotherapist

Centre de Médecine et d'Etudes (CME)

Postnatal Physiotherapist

Postnatal Physiotherapist helps women to be back in shape after 9 months of pregnancy. The aim of post natal physiotherapy is to check the status of the perineum, rehabilitate if necessary, improve abs and do some general exercises to regain shape and form (chest, buttocks).

Indeed, after giving birth many women experience various pains (the most common complaints include: low back pain, sacroiliac jointpain, pelvic pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome). These complaints can be treated by postnatal physiotherapy.

 Postnatal Physiotherapy consists in various exercices:

  • Pelvis exercices

  • Perineum exercises with proprioceptive awareness of the perineal region

  • Diaphragmatic breathing exercises also associated with abdominal hypopressifs exercises


When should we start a post natal physiotherapy treatment ?

In general, it is recommended to start post natal physiotherapy after 4 to 6 weeks after delivery.