Centre de Médecine et d'Etudes (CME)


Rheumatologist Dr. Emile Williame provides consultations every Thursday morning at the " Centre de Médecine et d'Etudes.  Appointment can be made by calling 02 /376 70 72

Rheumatology is a medical specialty that focuses on diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases (bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments diseases).  However rheumatologist also treats peripheral neurological problems such as sciatica and rheumatic diseases.

Widespread and sometimes intensive sports activities often leads to musculoskeletal injuries which limits physical exercise and causes acute or chronic pain. Rheumatologist treats these problems to prevent inflammation that might further damage bone, cartilage and muscle.

Within young patients, frequent pain due to osteoarthritis reduce the ability for a normal physical activity. 

A consultation with a rheumatologist will allow to assess possible bone and joint disorders.