General Practitioner

Centre de Médecine et d'Etudes (CME)

General Practitioner

Médecin Généraliste Uccle

The Center of Medicine and Studies at Uccle offers a service of General Medicine, recently recognized as a specialty in its own right.

The General Practitioner is the doctor who performs the monitoring, prevention, care and treatments in a long term view. Its role is to gather the various examinations made ​​by specialists, to take stock, and to adapt treatment when appropriate

Why consult a general practitioner?

- To benefit from a general health assessment

- To have an opinion or advice before consulting a specialist

- To be followed during the evolution of a pathology

- To receive advice for a ongoing healthy sporting career or family life.

For any question related to General Medecine, please call 02-376 70 72 ou take an online appointment with the General Practitioner.

Adres : 120 rue Victor Allard Uccle B-1180 Bruxelles