General Practitioner

Centre de Médecine et d'Etudes (CME)

General Practitioner

Médecin Généraliste Uccle

The Center of Medicine and Studies at Uccle offers a service of General Medicine, recently recognized as a specialty in its own right.

Docteur Thiebauld is the General Practitioner who performs the monitoring, prevention, care and treatments in a long term view. Its role is to gather the various examinations made by specialists, to take stock, and to adapt treatment when appropriate

How to book an appointment?

Please use this link to book an online appointment with Doctor Thiebauld, General Practitioner.

Why consult a general practitioner?

- To benefit from a general health assessment

- To have an opinion or advice before consulting a specialist

- To be followed during the evolution of a pathology

- To receive advice for a ongoing healthy sporting career or family life.