Lymphatic drainage

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Lymphatic drainage

Drainage lymphatique

Lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage which is intended to stimulate circulation, remove excess fluid and metabolic wastes through the lymphatic channels. Manual pressure is soft, light and takes the form of a circular motion.

Lymphatic system plays an important part in our immunity.  When lymph flow is not performing well, the body can weaken and poison, which can lead to various health problems, such as: swelling of the limbs, cellulite, premature aging, stretch marks, heavy legs, ...

Lymphatic drainage is recommended to anyone:

  • suffering from edema, lymphedema and post-traumatic edema.

  • in cases of inflammation following a sprain

  • in case of malfunction of the lymphatic system

  • in case of of water retention problems


Lymphatic drainage is performed on the body with the fingers and palms of the hands in the direction of lymph flow with varying pressure. It may involve only the lower limbs if you insist on areas with cellulite, but may also involve the whole body.

Contact: Mrs Vanessa Chenge Tatalias, physiotherapist specialized in Lymphatic Drainage: 0487 54 13 58.  Consultations: every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

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