General Medicine and Sport Medicine

Centre de Médecine et d'Etudes (CME)

General Medicine and Sport Medicine

Medical Center - Sport Medicine

The Medical Center in Uccle dedicates itself to General Medicine and Sports Medicine. Its medical disciplines are oriented towards modern therapies as well as ways ensuring health and general wellness.

General Medicine Practice is at the crossroads: those that draw conclusions of the different medical specialties and those who guide to healing or prevention.

"Sports Medicine or Effort Medicine" is complementary to the General Medicine. It ensures adequate treatments to lesions due to sport but the spirit of sport medicine itself is to encourage people to make sport, the best way to remain healthy.  The collaboration of these two disciplines ensures the patient an effective follow-up and gives the needed advices to remain fit.

The Medicine and Studies Centre makes this collaboration come true, by giving adequate treatments and publishing specific articles and books.


Medical expertise at the Medical Center:

- General practitioner

- Sport Doctor

- Cardiologist

- Rheumatologist

- Physiotherapist